A FemAle View is the beer blog of freelance journalist and current Beer Sommelier of the Year, Sophie Atherton. Below is an explanation as to how and why it exists!

Back in 2010 I was just beginning to establish myself as a freelance journalist after almost 10 years of staff jobs. At the time fellow journos often asked me what I specialised in writing about and I realised that having one or two pet subjects probably wasn’t a bad idea. Someone suggested beer. I’d been drinking the stuff for more than two decades and was pretty particular about what I liked (and disliked) so why not write about something I enjoyed.

Good plan. Except I’d never really written anything about beer before apart from an article about The Great British Pub when I was at university. Someone (thanks Phil) suggested I set up a beer blog as a way of getting started and also that I joined the British Guild of Beer Writers. Less than two months after taking his advice I was commissioned to write my first paid piece of beer writing for The Times. Since then I’ve written about beer for The Guardian, The Sunday Telegraph, for industry and specialist press (such as CAMRA’s BEER magazine) and for regional magazines and my little blog, set up just so I could prove I was a beer writer, is now followed by more than 500 600 1,900 readers and Twitter followers and gets hundreds of monthly page views.

Better than that though, it has given me an excuse to try countless beers I’ve never come across before; to revisit old favourites and taste them from a new perspective; to meet and learn from some amazing brewers, other beer experts and fellow beer writers along with being in the privileged position of encouraging and influencing others to love The Best Drink in the World as much as I do.

So I think I’ll keep doing it.

If you’re one of my regular readers, thanks for reading – your support means a great deal to me. If this is your first visit, welcome, stick around and I’ll endeavour to write a few things you’ll enjoy reading.



May 2012 (updated July 2013).

**My new blog header pic (new from July 2013) is courtesy of Charles Wells Ltd and was taken in April 2013 at the London launch of DNA, their collaboration with Dogfish Head.**

2 Responses to About

  1. Good work, Sophie.

    Refreshing to see a female who is passionate about real ale – can I say that?!

    I’ve found some really good beers at brewdog.com – personal favorite being the 5am Saint. So far!!

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Lisa says:

    Hello Sophie, we met recently at the Canterbury Food and Drink Festival. Thank you so much for your advice. I went to my first Beer Academy tasting night last week and I’m of to the How to Judge Beer Course on Thursday. Wish me luck and thanks once again for the inspiration :) Lisa x

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