Beer tastings

What happens at a beer tasting?

A beer tasting can be as simple or elaborate as you like. Usually though, I select the beers and I introduce each one – demonstrating how to visually assess, taste, smell and appreciate beer – before we taste.

I start with the beer with the lightest flavour (and usually lowest ABV) and I work through to the most intensely-flavoured and higher ABV brew. In between, we’ll chat about the beers and I usually try to find out who liked them, who didn’t and why it floated some people’s boats but not others. I try to select beers people might not have come across before and/or ones that challenge drinkers’ perceptions of beer – but always something I think is delicious.

My tastings are, generally, structured but informal and chatty in atmosphere. I like to have a conversation with my audience rather than talk at them – but I won’t single you out if you don’t feel like speaking up.

Me at Eden Project Keith Martin pic


Can I book you for a tasting?

Yes! Whether you want a staff training tasting workshop, a speaker for your group meeting or you’re an individual who wants to arrange a private tasting, drop me an line or give me a call to discuss, check my availability and find out about my fees.

Generally the more notice you give me the better, but I’m also quite adept at rustling things up at the last minute as long as there is enough time to arrange beer delivery and refrigeration etc before the tasting.

We’ve booked you, what happens next?

I’ll be in touch to go through all the arrangements with you, but a sample checklist looks a bit like this:

  • Address/recipient for beer delivery.
  • Arrangements for storing/refrigeration of beer until needed.
  • Glasses or clear plastic sample cups.
  • Drinking water.
  • Bottle openers.
  • Trays.
  • Volunteers to help serve the beer.

beer and food close up beer genie lowres

We don’t know what sort of beer we want you to bring or what sort of tasting to book…

Don’t worry, here’s an example of some beer tastings I currently offer:

Beginners Guide to Beer – an overview of how beer is made, what it’s made from, why it tastes the way it does and a tasting of up to six beers. I try to include beers from different countries and brewing cultures, but can stick to British beers if required.

Beer & Food – an introduction to pairing beer and food for the best taste sensations. Beers and foods vary according to availability, venue, season etc.

Off the shelf – Choose from: Stouts, Porters & Other Dark Delights; Best of British; The American Dream, It’s not just Belgium! (beers from continental Europe), or The Wonderful World of Lager. Average six beers per tasting.

Best of the west: beers from Forge Brewery, Moor Beer and Sixpenny Brewery.
Best of the west: beers from Forge Brewery, Moor Beer and Sixpenny Brewery.

Bespoke tastings/other events – Tell me what you’ve got in mind and I’ll endeavour to create the beer tasting, menu for a beer and food matched dinner, beer birthday party, or whatever – of your dreams (all requests must be reasonable and legal!).

Contact me to discuss fees and availability.

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