Beer tasting at Cornwall’s Eden Project

Thanks to all who attended my beer talk and tasting as part of Harvest at Eden today.

The beers we sampled were:

Sharp’s Red Ale (Cask 4.1%) – a full bodied, but dry, fruity brew.

Sharp’s Own (Cask 4.4%) – a rich astringent brew with sherry-soaked fruit elements.


We then moved on to…

St Austell Korev (Bottled 4.8%) – a malty Cornish lager.

Sharp’s Cornish Pilsner (Bottled 5.2%) – a refreshing, zesty lager with herbal notes from the inclusion of locally grown thyme.

St Austell Clouded Yellow (Bottled 4.8%) – a vanilla flavoured English wheat beer also featuring coriander and cloves.

Schneider Weisse Original/TAP 7 (Bottled 5.4%) – a classic Bavarian wheatbeer with banana and clove aroma and flavours created by the yeast.

Next up… the Americans.


Goose Island IPA (Bottled 5.9%) – a fruity, zingy American IPA with an aroma of tropical fruits that carries through to the taste.

And finally…

Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter (Bottled 9.2%) – a rich, viscous chocolatey beer with a very hoppy aroma. Look out also for notes of liquorice and even raspberry!

If you missed me at the Eden Project, or had so much fun you simply can’t wait to come to another of my beer tastings, I will be at St Austell Brewery’s Visitor Centre at 1pm on Weds 26th Sept as part of Cask Ale Week.



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