Beer on the telly this Xmas!

Jamie & Jimmy’s Food Fight Club Friday 28th Dec, Channel 4 at 8pm.

If you love beer as much (or even half as much) as I do you probably like to read about it, talk to others about it and may get more than a little bit excited to be able to watch programmes about it – especially as there are not many of these right now.

Well here is a belated Xmas gift for you. Jamie Oliver (with his pal Jimmy Doherty) have made a programme about it and it is on Channel 4 tomorrow night. Love or loathe Jamie he is incredibly well-known and well-watched so it is brilliant to see him getting behind beer – and he is genuinely very keen on it, even growing hops in his garden!

The programme is the last in the series of his Food Fight Club and features the Brits fighting it out with the Belgians to see who makes the best beers. Obviously not an easy battle. Imagine if you had to judge such a contest? Reader, I was one of the judges*.

Brewers' House (with horse on top), Grand Place, Brussels
Brewers’ House (with horse on top), Grand Place, Brussels

I’ll not give away the results – not least because the programme-makers asked me not to – but instead ask you to tune in to see not just who wins but whether or not I ended up on the cutting room floor. (I never believe that I’m going to be doing telly or radio until I am actually there doing it – or watching/listening to the result – especially as dear old telly is a fickle beast).

A sneak preview though is that Jamie and Jimmy brewed their own beer for the programme – although I understand they did so with more than a little help from Camden Town Brewery, (I managed to snaffle a bottle of the stuff while I was on my way back from filming in Brussels. I hope to post a review of the beer as well as my thoughts on the programme after broadcast.), and to whet your appetite you can expect to see London’s Kernel as one of the breweries fighting for the Brits and Westmalle on the Belgian side but that’s all I’m going to tell you…

So, tune in on Friday 28th Dec, Channel 4 at 8pm for Jamie & Jimmy’s Food Fight Club.


You can also follow @foodfightclubUK on Twitter. Hashtag for tweets about the programme #foodfightclub and there is even a related game you can play on Facebook. Find it here:

*I was part of a panel of three judges. The others were Marc Stroobandt (Belgium) and        Darin Oman (Independent).