Probably afraid of craft beer?

Carlsberg Billboard 1[1]
Pic courtesy of Carlsberg
If mass-market lager brands were afraid of the popularity of craft beer they’d probably stage a publicity stunt in Shoreditch…

Carlsberg today unveiled a 3 m x 12 m interactive (meaning beer-dispensing) billboard at the Truman Brewery, in situ for one day only, to tempt passers-by to ‘discover and enjoy’ a half-pint of ice-cold Carlsberg (as if it were a beer that no one’s ever heard of?).

The question is, how calculated/deliberate was the location? Answers on a billboard please…


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  1. I’d have to be very thirsty to consider drinking a carlsberg, even if it was free. I hope the kids on Shoredtich were like… ‘yip, I definitely prefer craft beer. Lets go back to Hackeny’

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