The Epicurean? What a tasty idea!

The craft beer revolution has managed to attract hundreds of new beer fans, but I’m still constantly asked – and am always talking about – how to encourage more drinkers to try beer.

I’ve always thought one of the biggest barriers is that people simply don’t get offered the chance to try it. Coupled with an opportunity to learn a little – such as how there’s dozens of different styles and countless types of flavour available – it’s pretty certain people will discover there’s at least one beer out there they like.

THE EPICUREAN-cs4 jWith this in mind I was delighted to be approached by the team behind a new event, called The Epicurean, who asked me if I’d be its Beer Ambassador.

Unlike other food and drink festivals there’s no need to feel apprehensive about asking to try or taste something because unlimited sampling is the reason the Epicurean exists. You pay a for a ticket (a reasonable and quite affordable £25) and then once you’re in you can try what you like – food, beer and also wine and spirits from more than 100 different producers.

The goal of the event is ‘trial, discovery and understanding the journey behind every taste’ and the organisers (who are also behind the London Wine Fair) say it’s about giving visitors the chance to get to know ‘all the wonderful artisanal alcohol and fine food products that the UK produces and imports’. There’s more than 1,000 different things to

Once you find something you like enough to buy, you can either make a purchase on the spot or (if it’s more than six bottles) arrange to have it delivered so you don’t have to carry it all home! (Anyone who knows about me and my dodgy shoulder will know how exciting I find the latter.)

It also happens to take place just in time to make it an opportunity to buy your Xmas food and drink – but in an environment that won’t be forcing the festive season down your neck (too) long before it comes.

Wandering from stall to stall, nibbling, grazing and beer tasting; chatting to people who love great food and drink as much as you do. That’s my kind of event. Hopefully it’s yours too.

The Epicurean is on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th October at The Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London. Buy your tickets for the event here.

Join me for talks/tastings on the Saturday (included in your ticket price).

  • 3pm, Sat 28th Oct – Beer and Food: Perfect Partners
  • 8.30pm, Sat 28th Oct – Beer is stylish!

More details on these and other talks and tastings here.

Nina Caplan has also written a nice piece about the whole idea and you can read that here.


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  1. Wow – this sounds fantastic!🙂 Such a great idea to get non beer lovers (how can such a person exist?) to find the elusive one that’ll be to their taste. I love it. Only hope it’ll be repeated as we’re away next weekend😦 Congrats too on being a Beer Ambassador! The job title of dreams!

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